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Mr. Jomon Mathew

According to me the purpose of a school education is to provide the students with a congenial atmosphere which in turn would help them broaden their knowledgesharpen their skill and develop positive attitudes within them. Formal education equips a child with all the necessary proficiency required to be successful in this rapidly changing world, a world of cut-throat competition. Education aims at the all-round development of the students, which would enable them to explore both the outer world and their inner being, inculcate a love for nature and respect for all forms of life, mould them into good human beings and responsible citizens and alsoinstil curiosity and scientific temper in them.

I firmly believe that values add quality to life and a school, a place where a child’s character is formed, is responsible to infuse good values within the students. Values are the guiding principles of life that contribute to the all-round development of an individual. It is the part and parcel of the philosophy of nation and that of education system. They give a direction to life and thus bring joy, satisfaction and peace.

The aforementioned statements are the aims and objectives of Education. To realize them the school should be well equipped with passionate and empowered teachers. Teachers should possess confidence, skills and knowledge to be innovative and justify the things they believe in. They should be the mentors, friends and second parents of the students. They must strive hard to uphold righteousness and must present themselves as role models to the student

In conclusion I would like to state that we as educationalists must make every effort to inspire our students to sustain their character, think logically and scientifically, dispel all dogmas and lead a virtuous life.

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