Social Service Activity

In the wake of many gory and brutal incidents all around the world, what the world today requires is more humanitarians, do-gooders and good Samaritans. The responsibility of inculcating goodness and selflessness among the young generation lies in the hands of schools and parents. Being well aware of this duty, MIS assigned Social Service as project during summer vacation. This was done to make the students aware of lesser privileged and the problems they face. The ultimate aim was to instill among students the feelings of empathy and sympathy. The students were asked to take photos and write report on the service carried out. Most of the students involved themselves in some or other social service like visiting old age homes or orphanage, planting trees, quenching the thirst of birds, cleaning their locality etc. Parents extended their whole hearted support to make this activity a grand success. Many parents appreciated the initiative taken by the school.

Mahatma International School
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