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National and International Holidays

National and International Days 2019-20
Month Date Occasion
June 5th June, 2019 World Environment Day
August 15th August, 2019 Independence Day
September 5th September, 2019 Teacher's Day
8th September, 2019 World Literacy Day
14th September, 2019 Hindi Day
October 1st October, 2019 International Day of the Elderly
24th October, 2019 U.N. Day
November 14th November, 2019 Children's Day
December 10th December, 2019 Kisan Day
January 12th January, 2020 National Youth Day
26th January, 2020 Republic Day
31st January, 2020 Martyr's Day
February 28th February, 2020 National Science Day
March 8th March, 2020 International Women's Day

List of Holidays 2019-20
Holidays Day Date
GUDI PADWA Saturday 6th April, 2019
DR. AMBEDKAR JAYANTI Sunday 14th April, 2019
MAHAVIR JAYANTI Wednesday 17th April, 2019
GOOD FRIDAY Friday 19th April, 2019
MAHARASHTRA DAY Wednesday 1st May, 2019
ID - UL – FITR Wednesday 5th June, 2019
BAKRID Monday 12th August, 2019
INDEPENDENCE DAY Thursday 15th August, 2019
PARSI NEW YEAR Saturday 17th August, 2019
GOPALKALA Sunday 25th August, 2019
GANESH CHATURTHI Monday 2nd September, 2019
MUHARRAM Tuesday 10th September, 2019
ONAM Wednesday 11th September, 2019
GANDHI JAYANTI Wednesday 2nd October, 2019
DASSERA Tuesday 8th October, 2019
DIWALI Sunday 27th October, 2019
ED – E – MILAD Sunday 10th November, 2019
GURU NANAK JAYANTI Tuesday 12th November, 2019
CHRISTMAS Wednesday 25th December, 2019
NEW YEAR Wednesday 1st January, 2020
REPUBLIC DAY Sunday 26th January, 2020
MAHA SHIVRATRI Friday 21st February, 2020
HOLI Tuesday 10th March, 2020
GUDI PADWA Wednesday 25th March, 2020

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