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National and International Holidays

Important National and International Days

Month Date Occasion
June 5th June, 2016 World Environment day
  19th June, 2016 Father’s Day
July 11th July, 2016 World Population Day
August 3rd August, 2016 International Friendship Day
  15th August, 2016 Independence Day
September 5th September, 2016 Teachers’ Day
  14th September, 2016 Hindi Day
  27th September, 2016 World Tourism day
October 1st October, 2016 International Day of the Elderly
  24th October, 2016 U.N.Day
November 14th November, 2016 Children’s Day
December 10th December, 2016 Kisan Day
January 12th January, 2017 National Youth Day
  26th January, 2017 Republic Day
  31st January, 2017 Martyr’s Day
February 28th February, 2017 National Science Day
March 8th March, 2017 International Women’s Day

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