Faculty Development Programme

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Session on English Grammar
Resource Person: Deputy CEO Mr. A.L. Tripathi
A Session on English Grammar was taken by the Deputy CEO A.L.Tripathi Sir. He gave a general information about ‘Parts of Speech’. Speech like Noun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, etc. were taken. He also drilled teacher on all the three tenses. He also took ‘Active-Passive voice’ in detail. All the teachers thoroughly enjoyed the session and remarked that they gained a lot from this session.

Session on Creative Learning
Resource Person: Mr. Hari K. T.
Mr. H. K. T. took a Session on Creative Learning on 30th March, 2016. He gave his views on Creative learning. He referred to the montages used in the films and suggested about its use in one’s life to enhance creativity. He conducted a few activities related to the topic. Teachers gained from the workshop.

Session on Pearls Book
Resource Person: Mrs. Chitkala
Mrs. Chitkala, Resource person of Ratnasagar, took a Session on ‘Pearls Book’. She gave thorough information about the book and how to deal with it. She gave detailed information on every activity. She expanded how to develop creative and active learning among the students. All faculty did few LSRW activities, which can apply in classes.

Workshop on Meditation
Resource Person: Ms. Malvika Pandit
Our own school teacher, Malvika Pandit organized a "Workshop on Meditation". Teachers actively participated in it. She taught few exercises to the teachers. Teachers got the information on meditation and how to relax themselves.

2018-19 | 2017-18 |2016-17

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