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Alegría - The Festival of Joy, 28th January to 1st February, 2013 - Press Coverage

Mahatma Education Society's Pillai Group of Institutions conducted 'Alegría - the Festival of Joy' from the 28th January to 1st February, 2013 at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, New Panvel. 'Alegría - the Festival of Joy' is a multi-institution mega festival, created with the goal of providing a platform for our students to demonstrate their wonderful and sometimes hidden talents and skills. Numerous esteemed personalities from Bollywood, Artists, Academics and Industry graced the occasion and it was widely reported by the press across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The fest culminated with a rocking performance by Akcent during the final night.

A few press clippings are given below -

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