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Inter School Debate Competition - 9th September, 2021
As part of Health and Nutrition week Apeejay School, Kharghar had organized an Inter School Debate Competition on 9th September, 2021 for students of classes 9th to 12th. The topic chosen for the debate “Do we Indians Consume enough protein daily?” was relevant to the current scenario and the week observed.

Poorva Patil, Shreeja Ubhare from 9A and Gautam Chandran from 9B represented our school in the competition. There were 7 schools who participated in this competition and each team had one spoke person speaking “for” and one “against” the motion and an interjector. There were many notable and valuable points put forth by each team. Though our students were the youngest in the team they presented themselves confidently.

The esteemed judges Dr. Sunita Kshirsagar and Dr. Amandeep Hanspalen lightend participants the importance of intake of nutrition from a doctors point of view.

All the participants were students with equal caliber and potential but in the end, some stood out shining brighter than the others. Even though we did not win the competition our students returned back with great experience and zeal to improve and do much better next time.

Students participated in online Inter School debate competition (for Std VI to IX) and Heritage Quiz competition (for Std. I to V) organized by DPS school Panvel on 21st October, 2021.

The topic for the debate was based on ‘proceedings in the Parliament’. The students spoke very well in the debate and all the participants were awarded with e-certificate in this event.

Inter Class Debate Competition
An Inter House Debate Competition was organized on 24th and 27th January, 2022 for Grade 8 and Inter Class Debate Competition was organized for Grade 9. The competition was organized on the virtual platform. We were honoured by the presence of esteemed teachers and Mr. P. C. Bhatt retired principal of JNV Bharuch. The topic given for debate Is it necessary to give children homework? (Grade 8) and Should children use smartphones without parental supervision? (Grade9) brought great exsitment not only in students but also in our judges.

The aim of the competition was to hone public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. The speakers of classes 8 and 9 spoke eloquently on the topic given.

The session was a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, ideas and perspectives that definitely enhanced the knowledge and understanding of the topic among students.

Winners of Grade 8 Debate Competition. Grade 8 was grouped into two separate sessions as Group 8 A/B and Group 8 C/D to ensure that more number of students could participate.

Winners are divided under following categories:
Best Speaker
Best Interjector
Best team (house)

Winner's List is as follows
Grade 8 A/B Grade 8 C/D
Best Speaker
1st Angelo Jomon (Green) 8B
2nd Divyanka Kapse (Yellow) 8B

Best Interjector
1st Place shared by Kamil Nore (Blue) 8B & Trisha Bapna (Red) 8B
2nd Avaneesh Adsul (Blue House) 8A

Best Team
1st Green House
2nd Yellow House
Best Speaker
1st Aarya Shelke (Yellow) 8D
2nd Tanushree Shetty (Red) 8D

Best Interjector
1st Darsh Raja 8D (Blue)
2nd Nirvighna 8C (Blue House)

Best Team
1st Yellow House
2nd Red House
Grade 9
Best Speaker:
1 Harsh Varkhale 9A
2 YashrajThripati 9C
3 Gururaj Ware 9B

Winning Team:
1 9A
2 9B
Best Interjector:
1 Sharvari Kajale 9B
2 Sachi Koli 9B
3 Aditya Parmar 9A

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