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Hindi Poetry Recitation Competitions 2021-22

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Hindi Poetry Recitation Competitions - Class VIII, IX & X
Date: 14th to 20th September, 2021
Venue: Through Online Mode
Participants: VIII, IX & X Students
Objective: To create interest in Hindi Literatures, make them search renowned Hindi poets and recite their poem

On the occasion of Hindi Pakhwada, _50___ number of students participated in poem recitation competition.
The students very eagerly searched for well known Hindi poets, selected the poem they liked and recited virtually.
The presentation was awesome and audience students very enthusiastically listened to all.

The event was captured by Master _Malhar / Abhinav / Yashraj / Swarnika & Vrushali of IX-C from his mobile phone and all the poems have been documented by Master Malhar of IX-C and kept in Library for records.

Glimpses of the event captured are presented below:
& the Winners of the Event are

Hindi Poetry Recitation Competitions - Class 1st to 5th
Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was held on 17th and 18th September, 2021 from class 1st to 5th through online mode. Many students participated enthusiastically and recited interesting poem through online mode. Such competitions help to enhance their power of imagination and love for poetry and also showing respect to our National language Hindi.

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