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Independence Day Celebration 2022

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This year, the 75th anniversary of India’s independence was celebrated with great enthusiasm under the name ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.’ The importance of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is that it makes us realise that our forefathers have done their share of responsibilities in bringing India’s independence, and now the baton is in our hands - the task of shaping the future of our country.

To mark this day, the Indian National Flag was hoisted by the President, Ms. Aditi Shah and the Prime Minister, Ms. Poorva Patil, of the Students' Council, accompanied by Principal, Mr. Jomon Mathew and Vice Principal, Mr. Girish Singh. The National Anthem was sung with pride by the whole school. The celebration was hosted by Ms. Arshee Sayed. Through her speech, Ms. Aditi Shah expressed our gratitude towards those great people of our country who fought the long war of independence for us and enlightened the young minds on the responsibility we hold towards our country. The choir group infused melody to the celebration with patriotic songs that emoted our spirits.

2022-23 | 2021-22 | 2018-19 | 2015-16

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