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National Science Day

2021-22 | 2014-15

Activity: Science Exhibition - clean tech 2021-22
Date: 28th February, 2022
Venue: Online mode
Participants: VI to IX

The participants displayed projects on the topics:

Participants prepared working model / charts on the given topics and explained it virtually.

Science Exhibition - Clean Tech 2021-22 was conducted in online mode for grade VI to IX by MNR School, Kamothe. Science and technology play an important role in the development of the nation. The significance of observing this day is to spread a message about the importance of science amongst the youth and tell them how science is used in our daily lives.

Winners of the event:
Mst. Atharva Patil (IX C) Mst. Aryan Kale (VI A)

Video documentation of the event was created by Mst. Abinav Nair (IX C) which was circulated in all classes from IV to IX.

2021-22 | 2014-15

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