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Navratri Celebration

2018 | 2016

The students and teachers of MIS Pre-primary section had come together to celebrate Dussera by dancing on the beats of Dandiya and Garba songs on 18th October, 2018. Dussera is celebrated to depict good over evil. Dandiya and Garba are dance forms traditionally performed only in the state of Gujurat but now it is performed all over India. The students of MIS were asked to be dressed up in traditional clothes. The songs of Dandiya and Garba were put for the students and along with the teachers to sway with the rhythm of the music.

Our little students came dressed in Navratri costumes and celebrated the festival with great gusto. The children were given dandiya sticks which they made as part of celebration activity. Our teachers and support staff joined our children as they danced to traditional Navratri music. The children brought sweets and shared these among themselves and with the teachers. The children went home happy and excited and eager to share their experience with their parents.

2018 | 2016

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