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Poetry Recitation Competition 2021-22

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English Poem Recitation Competition - July 2021
Poem is read best when the orator / reciter translates the thought of the poet to the audience as the poet thought. To exhibit their skills of recitation English Poetry Recitation competition was organized on the virtual platform for grade 6 to 10 in the month of July from 25th to 30th July, 2021.

Students were given to choose from poems by some of the great classical poets like John Keats, T. S. Eliot, P. B. Shelly, Edgar Allan Poe, Rabindranath Tagore, Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, E. E. Cummings, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, John Clare, Mary Oliver, Edward Thomas, Emily Dickinson, Sarojini Naidu, Sir Philip Sideny, Edmund Spenser, Nissim Ezekiel on the theme of Nature, Identity / Self, Travel / Journey, Apocalypse, Dreams, Wellness / Recovery, War, Relationships (Mother, father, son, daughter, friend).

The young reciters enthralled the audience with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems. It was a splendid opportunity for them to gain confidence through stage exposure. Everyone was delighted to watch them reel out one after another. They mesmerised the spectators with their pleasing performances.

The judges appreciated and applauded the performances of the participants. They encouraged and gave them guidance on how to further improve their performance.

Winner of the poem recitation competition are as follows:
Grade 8 A Grade 8 B
1st Avaneesh Adsul 1st Angelo Jomon
2nd Utkarsha More 2nd Divyanka Kapse
Grade 8 C Grade 8 D
1st Peenaki Deshmukh 1st Ghadigaonkar Sakshi V.
2nd Nakshatra Nair 2nd Shelke Aarya Uday Savita
Grade 9 A Grade 9 B
1st Shreeja Ubhare 1st Sharvari Kajale
2nd Nandana Nair 2nd Sachi Koli
Grade 9 C
1st Sunidhi Chauhan 2nd Vedanti Rane
Grade 10 A Grade 10 B
1st Jayashree Waghmare 1st Akanksha Kapse
2nd Niramay Moghe 2nd Purva Patil

English Poetry Recitation Competition - Primary Section
Poetry is the form of literature which expresses our emotions through rhythmic words and musical sounds. An English poetry recitation competition was conducted on 24th July, 2021 for the students from 3rd to 5th class and on 26th July, 2021 for the students of 1st and 2nd class. The competition was conducted through online mode. Many students from all the classes participated enthusiastically in the competition.

A true beauty of literature lies in poetry. All the participants recited their poems very nicely. They enjoyed every beautiful aspect of the poetry like expression of feelings, thought, rhyme, rhythm, musical words etc. The children got the opportunity to present their talent in poetry with confidence.

In the competition participants were judged on parameters like content, expression, pace and clarity, props used and eye contact.

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