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Science Club

Science Club is the platform for the students to promote their scientific interest, realize their scientific skills and fulfill their quest in doing science activities. The club aims to organize Seminars, Workshops, Exhibition and Quiz competition to inculcate students knowledge and skill in the field of science.

Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs. Students can learn more through the activities and their own experiments and clarify general scientific concepts.

The club meets every Saturday and it has been successful in inspiring students in the field of science, which is clearly visible in the enthusiasm and zeal demonstrated by them.

Activities in science club were
  1. Dancing Moth ball
  2. Natural indicator - Turmeric
  3. Invisible ink
  4. Periscope

In these simple experiments students took part enthusiastically and enjoyed while doing the activities & shared the results with their in-charge teachers and it was a memorable day as they learned by doing. These clubs, besides giving knowledge to the students in their student life, give them the self-confidence to choose scientific occupation in their happy and beautiful future. In this manner, these clubs, under the able guidance of capable teachers, with the use of appropriate material, give the students real training for their future and thus give a great contribution in building a healthy society and a-self-sufficient nation.

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