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Special Assembly - X B

2022-23 | 2019-20 | 2018-19

Topic – Class Assembly of X B on “Independence Day”

A Special Assembly on ‘Independence Day’ was conducted by the students of class X B on 5th August, 2022 in the school assembly hall. It was attended by the Principal Mr. Jomon Mathew, Vice-principal Mr. Girish Singh, teachers and all the students of standard X.

The assembly commenced with the prayer song by Mst. Gautam Chandran. After that a sweet tabla performance was done by Ms. Sharvari Kajale on song ‘hum ko man ki shakti dena.’. Then a mind-blowing mime show was conducted by the students on patriotism and appreciated by all.

The true meaning of ‘Independence’ was explained by Mst. Gururaj and Abhilash through their combined speech. The students had put up a mesmerizing dance–cum drama performance to show the sacrifice of our soldiers and their love and respect towards the mother land. The energy of the performance was contagious which left the audience in awe of them.

An amazing and melodious patriotic song also was presented by the students at the end. The students took great efforts to make it more colourful as it is the 75th year of independence. The assembly culminated with an inspiring and motivational speech of principal sir.

2022-23 | 2019-20 | 2018-19

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