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Workshop on Addiction

Resource Person: Dr. Dharav Sunil Shah

A workshop on Addiction was organized by MIS for the students of Std. IX and X on 30th April, 2016. The resource person was Dr. Dharav Shah, who realizing the issues and the menace caused by different addictions, has fully devoted himself to the cause of making the public aware of the dangers of addiction.

The workshop was an eye –opener to all the students, as no one had assumed addiction to liquor, drugs gadgets etc. would have so harmful an impact on the victims. Dr. Dharav Shah informed the students how one might get influenced by kith and kin and get started with consuming drugs and warned them to be cautious of such situations and act wisely by refusing the offer. He told them that addiction ruins one physically, mentally and financially. All the students and the teachers highly appreciated the informative workshop and were highly impressed of the simplicity of the resource person. The Principal, Mrs. Beena K Thambi thanked Dr. Dharav Shah for the effort taken by him to guide the students. She even appreciated the students for being all ears during the workshop.

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