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Workshop on "Importance of Menstrual Hygiene for Girls"

Menstruation is a normal biological process which happens in adolescent girls and women. But it is still a TABOO to speak about it in the society and even amongst the family members. Mostly the adolescent girls are not educated on this topic. It is necessary to educate the adolescent girls to have more knowledge and information to understand menstruation, so that it is managed safely with dignity.

To educate our girl students on the topic we had a series of webinars in the month of August & September on - “The Importance of Menstrual Hygiene”. The session educated our students about the biological process of menstruation and how to manage it in a more hygienic way. Students were given information on the food to eat to maintain good health and yogasanas to manage the menstrual pain. The session was more educative and quite interactive. Our students had a good take away.

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